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Hosted Services

Ronco has partnered with leading Hosted Voice over IP providers to offer our customers with the most cost effective solutions.


Solutions that utilize Hosted Services are comparable to premise based systems in features and functionality, without a large capital expense and are paid for as a monthly service fee.



This solution in many cases will cost less than your existing telephone line and usage service.



  • Replace/ reduce unnecessary costs
    • technology infrastructure
    • phone lines
    • local/ long distance usage
  • Achieve greater economies of scale
  • Improve security
  • Increase flexibility and reactivity
  • Better visibility company-wide

Ronco's team of dedicated Hosted Cloud Services Specialists will review your current services & needs to create the best solution for your business within budget

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Hosted Offerings:

Hosted VoIP

Cost effective service allowing customers to use their existing Internet service for their telephone system, allowing for reduction/replacement of costly phone lines and Long distance charges.


Unified Communications as a Service

Provides advanced features that combine customer’s data and voice applications on a single monthly service platform.

   Available features/capabilities:

  • Email
  • Desktop integration
  • Call forwarding to any phone number
  • Office presence/status
  • Voice/ video conferencing,
  • Desktop collaboration


Hosted Contact Center

Allows existing systems to convert their call center to a Software as a Service offering, making the cost of hardware and software upgrades unnecessary.


Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as a Service

Applications as such automated outbound calling or text campaigns, inbound voice recognition, call tracking, pay by phone, and automated scheduling are all services that can be provided from Ronco as a monthly service with no capital upfront cost.



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