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A federation of motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a not-for-profit member service organization; with 54 million members in the US and Canada.




AAA has a long standing and trusted relationship with Ronco in their eastern territory.  As with most customers that grow over time, they had a series of different systems at each of their 70 locations that were being managed and maintained by Ronco.  As they considered their options for future growth they were unsure which solution would fit their needs. They wanted to utilize all of the available call center agents throughout their locations – this required a flexibility that was not built-in their old systems. The customer relied on their experience with Ronco and the multi-vendor capabilities Ronco had to fulfill these requirements.


Ronco could offer the customer full function demonstrations of the various systems in parallel so they could make the best decision based upon user experience.  AAA valued their existing relationship with Ronco and considered them a partner in this endeavor.  Together they chose the Avaya Aura® Communications Manager converting their traditional TDM network to VOIP supported by Avaya data switches.





The Avaya Aura® Communication Manager software with its Call Center Elite functionalities was the proven way to go. Workforce management applications aid in the agent’s engagement and organization.


To begin, Ronco recommended replacing each of the systems at the 4 largest AAA facilities with one system that had advanced call center features.  This system provides the scalability to allow agents to support each other throughout their network regardless of location.  It was also imperative to move to an Avaya Edge IP based solution for greater centralized functioning.  Ronco also employed an additional survivable alternate core (ESS) in another location to ensure redundancy.


As a partner, AAA was aware that Ronco was new to the Aura product but through our relationship had faith that this project would realize success. The original project was for 4 to 5 sites and is now approaching 20 sites in the Eastern Central Region alone. To reassure the customer in our consistency and value, a specific team was assembled and assign to work on implementations at all site locations.  Ronco continues to support the growth and development of this technology and add additional features and functionality within this system.





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avaya aura provider in pittsburgh

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avaya aura provider in pittsburgh

avaya aura provider in pittsburgh







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