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Wesley Glen is a retirement community located south of Worthington, in Columbus Ohio. The community opened in and has operated since 1969 as a not-for-profit organization with 151 Independent Apartment which includes 16 Patio Homes. The main building has a mix of studio, one-bedroom and two bedroom apartments. There are 74 assisted living apartments. Memory Care consists of twenty one studio apartments providing care for individuals suffering from Alzheimer's. Also, on campus, is a Skilled Care and Rehabilitation Center. In 2012, a Wellness Center at Wesley Glen opened offering 20,000 sq. ft LEED certified green facility dedicated exclusively to health and wellness activities for its residents.



Being a highly active retirement community, Wesley Glen realized the importance of having 100% wireless coverage in their infrastructure.  It was necessary for their continued growth and success to have a WLAN that can consistently support their residents throughout their expansive campus.  Their existing solution could not effectively support authentication between access points creating dead zones and multiple requests for authentication.  Additionally Wesley Glen recognized the value in implementing a system that supports guest wireless access with ease while maintaining stringent security policies.


Understanding the needs presented from the customer, Ronco chose to bring in the Aerohive product family and their suite of cloud solutions.  The Aerohive access points selected are enterprise-grade, multi-radio, 802.11ac/n devices that offer a sleek exterior that gently blends with the design of its environment.  Additionally, these AP's offer uncompromising security features necessary when supporting a variety of users on various devices.  The Online HiveManager Network Management Service, seamlessly allows administrators to access reporting and management tools from any device or location.


Putting together a proof of concept, Ronco's team of expert engineers piloted the proposed solution to validate the application.  After the installation of a total of 71 Aerohive Wireless Access Points, the Aerohive Online HiveManager Network Management Service was configured and deployed.  For ease of access, the system was also configured to integrate to the customer's existing Active Directory.  Together Ronco and Wesley Glen were able to provide seamless access to the residents, staff and guests on the campus.





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