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The City of Leesburg, located just north of Orlando, has been burying fiber and selling bandwidth to businesses in Leesburg since the 1990s.




The City of Leesburg was continuously growing through expansions to their network but without an efficient network delivery model to manage their growth, it had become disjointed and less effective than it should be.  Feeling the strains of having an unmanaged network with connections that would drop, bandwidth that they had no control over, decentralized management, lack of measurement, and flat rate billing.  This customer was looking for a solution that offered value to eliminate these difficulties.




Ronco’s first priority was to help transform this network to a true carrier Ethernet architected network.  Ronco was able to offer the Ciena product portfolio.  Through our partnership we were able to educate on the benefits and cost savings of deploying the combination of the Ciena service delivery switches.   These switches decrease service delivery and service provisioning times, reducing time to revenue realization.   The first phase of the network upgrade included introducing a powerful service delivery switch to support the three main 'POPs' for the city with several of lighter service delivery switches supporting some of their larger customers.  Finally offering the lightest switches for their smaller customers and the hardened switch to provide cellular back haul from a couple of cell towers.


Relying on Ronco’s expertise, a replication of their network was built within the Ronco lab to test configurations and designs. For phase two they have partnered with Ronco’s Carrier Services department to leverage a relationship with Level 3.  Together they are deploying a switches in the Level 3 data center to cross connect directly into the Level 3 network at 10 Gigabit speeds! Ronco’s network routing expertise was also required at this phase, to prepare and plan for redundant BGP protocol links via Cisco  Routers.  Overall, this system will offer direct redundant Internet access for the city and the ability to offer the famed 'last mile' of service to other carriers who sell their services in the city.   Together we are building a reliable and dependable CLEC!





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