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DePaul is a progressive, not-for-profit organization founded in 1958, committed to providing quality services including; assisted living services for seniors, residential, rehabilitation and treatment services to persons with mental illness in recovery.  DePaul assists individuals in achieving their optimum level of independence and success in the environment of their choice, while remaining sensitive to assessed community needs and available resources.  DePaul serves nearly 5,000 people each year in over 60 program sites located in seven counties in Western New York, 11 counties in North Carolina and one county in South Carolina.



DePaul is a facility that aims to provide the best possible care for residents and offer its staff the best available tools.  As the newest facility was being constructed, it was realized that they had been feeling the pains and strains of a demand built network for too long. From there found greater value and necessity in a technology upgrade. A partnership with Ronco emerged to create these efficiencies and streamline tools across their extensive organization.  After completing an analysis of their needs, Cisco seemed to be the manufacturer that would best support their business objectives.  The value in the investment that Cisco makes in research and development is exceptional specifically when coupled with the supportability and the strength of their brand.




DePaul's project had elements of each of the Ronco operationally supported solutions.  This solution merged collaboration, network and cloud deliverables which optimized the features of each technology.   The first phase of the project included the build out of a data center in headquarters to support and serve applications throughout the remainder of the phases there and to other locations.


Their new state of the art facility in Rochester, NY is designed to support the needs of active, independent seniors.  The model for this system was defined by the need to support the users and staff at various facilities. A centralized data-center system utilizes ISR gateways to manage incoming and outgoing information. The catalyst switches that power and segment the network were chosen for their ability to support the real-time demands of voice alongside the flow of data.  They additionally allow for the distribution of power through their ports which makes the delivery to IP handsets cleaner and easier to support with no additional AC adapter. Lastly, to support the WiFi requirements of the staff, residents, and guests; Meraki wireless access points were installed.  The cloud management features make management of these endpoints centralized which produces greater consistency in the user experience.


At headquarters the data center was supplemented with a pair of Cisco UCS servers.  They support and serve the Citrix sessions to the staff at this new facility.  The virtual desktop rollout allows for greater security and enhanced management capabilities providing a dependable user experience.  To support the UC rollout, a Cisco Business Edition server will be deployed to manage the features of the UC applications.


To provide backbone support for the entire system both today and down the road, a nexus switch was integrated into their data center.  Utilizing Ronco's Professional Services, this switch was configured to efficiently manage and route voice, data, and server traffic fluidly throughout their network.  A complex seven digit dialing plan was implemented to support staff at each facility.  Professionally designed, this allows for 4 digit dialing, least cost routing per call, and restricted international calling with a North American dial plan. Eventually Cisco UC will be deployed to all sites.


As DePaul continues to grow, they will be able to focus on the expert delivery of care and essential services to support their communities. Trusting in their partnership with Ronco and their maintenance services to support their technology.




Collaboration Solution

Cisco Business Edition Server

  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager
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  • Cisco Emergency Responder

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Watchtower Maintenance Services

  • 24 x 7 Systems Event Notification
  • 24 x 7 Proactive Remediation Support


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