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The Challenge


Jeffrey Crimmins, Chief Technology Officer, sought out a new telephony solution that could sustain future growth and enhance  communications for Freed Maxick. Aside from a physical conference, the only way for the team to collaborate was through email.  A task as simple as a call between offices meant either dialing the switchboard operator of the location you wanted to call or knowing the direct number of the person you were trying to reach. Beyond basic calls, holds, and transfers, the phone system offered no further capabilities.


The fundamental problem was that each location was running on separate systems.

This configuration resulted in:


1. Fractured system administration

2. Increasing telecom costs

3. Limited system features

The Solution


After the Microsoft Skype for Business live demo, Crimmins gained confidence in the product. It was clear that the features available, such as instant messaging, presence indicators, video conferencing, and ease of connectivity, were the right fit for the organization.


Ronco Communications’ expert staff orchestrated the deployment of the S4B platform, beginning with a thorough Architect & Discovery Session (ADS).


“The key to a successful ADS is discovering the business’ communications objectives. These are fundamentals, which frame the project. By focusing on these objectives, we can build a comprehensive solution that will deliver the promise of unified communications.”


 - Michael Labella, COO, Ronco Communications

The results fueled a detailed project plan based on Freed Maxick’s unique business objectives. To ensure the continued success of the platform, Freed Maxick opted to utilize Ronco’s support services.

Freed Maxick CPA’s, P.C. is one of Western’s and Upstate New York’s largest public accounting firms and a Top 100 firm in the nation. Freed Maxick started out in 1958 as a small team of accountants. Today, they provide audit, tax, and consulting services to private and public (SEC) companies in seven different states. Including offices in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, Freed Maxick has over 300 in-house employees, in addition to a large base of remote workers.

The mission of Ronco is to help companies in any industry improve their business agility,  employee productivity, and client loyalty by taking advantage of the right technology.


The Results - A Unified Freed Maxick

Microsoft Skype for Business empowered Freed Maxick, with an integrated, connected solution that enhances operational efficiency and creates personalized customer experiences. Having the ability to virtually collaborate is an essential requirement for a geographically dispersed workforce to be successful.


The features available through the S4B platform have completely transformed how individuals do business at Freed Maxick. “We can communicate when, where, and how we want. It is a complete game changer,” says Crimmins. “As a measure of the success in 2015, we sent more instant messages than emails. Hundreds of thousands of instant messages are sent per month and that number is doubling. Previously, all of these messages would have been sent through email.”


A unified system provides a streamlined administration- reducing travel expenses while saving time, effort, and cost on IT upgrades. This ultimately ensures that every user’s experience, regardless of their location, is managed the same way.


“From the beginning design phases, and throughout the project, Ronco’s team was thorough and produced exceptional results,” states Crimmins. The combination of the right technology, with the right support, has made all of the difference for this organization.  Being able to collaborate as a team, regardless of time or space, makes communicating easy!


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“I am a Microsoft guy, coming from a Network Engineering background. I didn’t think Microsoft Skype for Business was a viable voice product for an enterprise; but when Ronco tethered their computer to my cell and then launched the entire S4B experience, it worked flawlessly and I was blown away!”




“When I look at all of the vendors I work with, I cannot think of anyone that is more valuable than Ronco. Ronco is a big enough company to have the capabilities to implement the technology, but stays involved enough to make sure it is done to our specifications.“


Skype for Business at freed maxick
Ronco local voip provider

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Skype for Business Solution for Accounting firm
Skype for Business at freed maxick

Skype for Business Solution for Accounting firm
Skype for Business at freed maxick







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Skype for Business Solution for Accounting firm
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